Boris ceased being PM on 9/5/2022, 11:00:00 PM.

This site is no-longer being updated.
This site was created in 2022 to humorously monitor whether former PM Boris Johnson had resigned. As he has now resigned, we are no-longer updating the site with more of his immoral actions.

Why should he resign?

Covid Response

His lacklustre response to the COVID-19 pandemic during its beginnings have lead to a total of 230,410 deaths, with 217 occurring just this week. While we made sacrifices, Boris and his team partied away at №10 ignoring all social distancing rules.

When procuring PPE, Boris and his Government fast-tracked their mates and their brand new companies who cost us millions in unsuitable product, while ignoring offers from existing, well-established companies.

Derogatory Remarks

Boris has compared Muslims in burkas to letterboxes, referred to gay people as 'tank-topped bum-boys' and hit against the teaching of homosexuality in schools.

RMT Strikes

In summer 2022, Boris Johnson, Grant Shapps (the Transport Secretary) and his Government refused to sit at the table with the RMT Union amid concerns over pay, job security and worker conditions.

What can I do?

Want something easy? Donate to organisations such as The Good Law Project and vote against the Tories in elections.

Want to get more involved? Why not try leafleting and donating your time to a political party that isn't spearheaded by clowns.